What we do

Pantadesign is a company specializing in interior design and furniture manufacturing, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We offer interior design solutions for the office, home, public spaces and shops.

Our expertise and services encompass all stages of furniture manufacture, from design to transport and assembly of the final product. We work with our clients throughout the process and take into careful consideration their specific needs and requirements, and so we are able to offer fully customized and original solutions to interior design projects.

Our philosophy is centered on the balance between the clean and modern design on one side, and the uncompromising quality of the final product on the other. We realize that our furniture becomes a part of the daily life of our clients, so we strive to provide the best service and lasting quality of the products.

How we work

We perceive the creative workflow as a logical chain of processes. By gathering client consultation, design, and manufacture under one roof, we can ensure quality control throughout all project stages.


We start by discussing our clients’ needs, and then proceed to offer design solutions, which once approved, proceed towards the next stages in the production process.


We use brand-new technology, which suits the needs of the production process, for cutting, paint, assembly, etc. The entire process is situated on one site, which our clients can visit at every stage of the process.


We have our own vehicle fleet, which are used to deliver the final product without distance limits within Bulgaria and the EU.


We offer on-site assembly services, which include removal of all traces of our work.

Our design

Our designers will offer you the optimal solution that corresponds to your interior design needs and requirements. They can incorporate your feedback throughout all stages of the process – from the initial design ideas and requirements, through the ready blueprints, and to the assembly of the ready product.

We believe the cooperation between designer and client is at the core of each successful project and we strive to fully understand the specific needs of the client and incorporate them in the design.

We believe in a clean, honest design, which are both minimalist and functional. When needed and appropriate, we incorporate classical design elements along with more contemporary ones.

Our production

We have our dedicated manufacturing facilities, where seasoned professionals follow design blueprints. We only use high-quality materials from trusted suppliers to ensure that the final product meets our highest standards.

Our workshop is equiped with the following machines and tools :

  • Altendorf WA 80 X - cutting machine with three motorised axes.
  • Grass Combipress CPS 23/19 - hinge drilling and insertion machine.
  • Brandt KDN-340 OPTIMAT - automatic edgebander.

Our team

Angel Todorov

founding partner
lead designer

+359 (0)896 621 526

Galina Bumbalova

founding partner
managing director

+359 (0)896 621 806

Rumen Vasilev

founding partner
production manager

+359 (0)898 473 171